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What time is better to play - zuta - 19-08-2019 13:22

It is believed that gambling is important not only the ability to stop in time, develop an individual strategy or choose the right slot, but also to determine the correct time.

In the network, players looking for information for personal and professional development, are often faced with articles that tell about the best time to play. Are there convenient hours, do they influence the outcome? Let's try to understand.

What time is better to play www.pin-up.casino ?
In fact, with the precision to answer whether the favorable watch players to interact with the machine, difficult. If you conduct a survey among gamblers, the result is likely to be equal. Some users believe that to sit down for the slot is only in the period when the body is most productive – in the afternoon, while others are of the opinion that the game is timeless, and therefore possible at any time of the day.

Gambling activity
Each machine has its own indicator RTR (return), and it does not change depending on the time. From this point of view, the gameplay will be the same day and night.

It is believed that the optimal period of the game is after the high activity of gamblers. So, if the casino was attended by a large number of people at the weekend, Monday is sure to bring a solid jackpot! Remember – the return of the slot is always the same, regardless of the day of the week and other circumstances.

The budget for the game
Before you start the game, it is necessary to properly dispose of the available budget. Regardless of the time that you think is most appropriate for the excitement, the player must play within the deferred amount, and under no circumstances go beyond it.

Optimal – setting Deposit limits in a gambling establishment, which allow you not to lose every penny!

Statistics for 24 hours
Another parameter that allows you to determine the appropriate time is the statistics of a certain slot for a period of 24 hours. If you choose the optimal part of the day/night for the bet, you should take into account the developer and the casino. So, each operator resets the statistics in a certain period, knowing it, we can assume that the closer the end of the cycle, the higher the chance to get the prize.

Here is an example: the servers of Net Ent, which is the largest supplier of gambling, reset the statistics every day at about four o'clock in the morning Central European time. By the way, no casino has the right to interfere in this procedure.

Jackpot time
There is a myth that you should play at the time of the maximum jackpot. Many gamblers are sure that it is worth playing the slot machine at this moment. In fact, you can hit the jackpot at any time, which does not depend on the season, month, day, the position of the hands on the clock.

I would like to repeat – do not forget about the allocated budget and Deposit limits. If luck smiles on the player, he is sure to become the owner of a large win.

Another common recommendation on the topic of time is to play actively if the machine has not given the maximum win for a long time. It is believed that the slot is sure to give a big win, and this can happen to you, because the machine sooner or later has to give the prize, is not it?

The right time is a great mood
There are many factors that affect the results of the game session. Sitting at the table in a bad mood, you risk to drain the Deposit. Good mood and cheerful psychological state, belief in the best in a positive way affect family relationships, success in work, and the game is no exception.

Try not to sit down at the slot, if something depressed and upset. Although, a good mood does not guarantee a big win, it is still worth betting with an eye on your current state.

Do not take to heart information about when to sit down for gambling. Better, when there is desire to, not counting on large jackpot. It's no secret that 90% of success depends on luck, and maybe she will smile for you.

The best solution is to determine the right time to play on your own, based on different factors. First of all, pay attention to your health, and play only when the process brings pleasure and moral satisfaction.

RE: What time is better to play - krever - 06-09-2019 13:29

For some reason, almost all offers for playing casino revolve around roulette. Most likely, this tendency was formed because ordinary “slots” serve more for entertainment than for making money, and in card games you need to understand for a long time and have at least some experience. But things are a little different with roulette. Today, thousands of sites have been created on the network, as a rule, they contain photos and some information about the author who finally came up with a win-win strategy for playing roulette casinos.

RE: What time is better to play - Stranik - 06-09-2019 13:37

Learning to play slot machines is very easy if the player is familiar with all the options and buttons of the slots, with the principles of bets, with pay lines and the mechanism for starting slot machines. The game process is the same, regardless of which slot was chosen for the game and which bankroll is provided. If you decide to play in a traditional casino, but are not sure of any rules of the game or payments, then you can easily find out everything from the casino employee. If you play online slots, then you can find out all the necessary information on slot machines from us.

RE: What time is better to play - Kaifer - 06-09-2019 14:16

I prefer not to play slot machines. I do not like that the player has no way to influence the outcome of the game. The theory of probability is simply uncontrollable. I want to control the process at least a little bit.

RE: What time is better to play - Stranik - 07-09-2019 14:21

Gambling is far from as irresponsible as many have suggested. Casinos and slot machines, voluntarily or following the requirements of the law, try to help people suffering from gambling addiction. Usually these programs are called “Responsible Gaming”, and the essence is to help a person determine whether he has a dependence on the game, and in case of a problem, give him the opportunity to fence himself off from gambling. This is possible thanks to "Self-Prohibition."