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Widely demanded in commercial area for making quality approved products Ion Exchange Resin for Wire Cut EDM. Light in weight, these products are reliable in nature. Superior in quality, these products are superior in quality and supplied in the market in complete safe packing to prevent damage.

Our Features:
Longer life
Easy to use
Non toxic

Physical and Chemical Properties:
Water content: 52-57 %
Bead size (0.315-1.25mm): 95.00%
Uniformity coefficient: 1.6 ≤
Bulk density: 700-800 g/l
Density (approximately):1.13 g/ml

Regeneration Level:
Cation resin: 99 H ≥,%
Anion resin: 95 OH≥,%

Attention please:
1.Keep the resin sealed.
2.Avoid direct sunlight.
3.Regular inspection of resin packaging, Seal up after use.
4.Keep the EDM resin temperature between 5 ℃and 40℃.
5.When performance degradation occurs, please stir the resin to make full use of it and extend its service life.Ion Exchange Resin suppliers